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Hog Hunts

Wild Hog Hunts at Antlered Acres

Whether you’re looking for a trophy boar, a night hunt, or to put meat in the freezer, we’ve got you covered.

Take a look at our options, or add a hog hunt to another hunt type.

Meat Hunt – 1 Day Hunt

Meat Hunt - 1 Day Hunt Are you looking for an economical way to fill your freezer with some delicious wild game meat?  Are you new to hunting and want to get a deer under your belt before chasing that trophy buck?  If so, the meat hunts are for you!  This...

Wild Hog – 1 Day Hunt

Wild Hog - 3 Day Hunt Though wild hogs are not native to North America, they were introduced here as an early food source and quickly naturalized themselves in Florida. The wild hog has an incredibly thick armor-like skin that can be difficult to penetrate...

Wild Hog – Thermal / Night Hunt

Wild Hog – Thermal / Night Hunt A favorite hunt here at Antlered Acres Ranch are our thermal hog hunts.  An incredibly unique experience, individuals or small groups can go out at night seeking the largely nocturnal wild boar.  The thermal scope allows the...