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Osceola Turkey – 3 Day Hunt

The Osceola turkey, also known as the Florida turkey, has the smallest range of the 5 subspecies of turkeys on the North American continent only ranging throughout the Florida peninsula. Hunting and harvesting an Osceola turkey is a prize sought after by many hunters looking to complete the elusive Grand Slam. The keen eyesight and hearing abilities of the Osceola turkey makes for an incredibly challenging hunt.

Here at Antlered Acres we give you the opportunity to hunt with a world class guide that is uniquely gifted at calling the Osceola Turkey.

The Osceola turkey offers a challenging and rewarding hunt – Antlered Acres can provide a world class guide to help make your hunt a success.

Note: Discharging of firearm constitutes a dead bird. Second bird = $2,000.

Please note: GUIDES WORK FOR TIPS:  it is customary to tip a minimum of 10% of your hunt cost.

Lodging (if staying overnight):

A pecky cypress clad lodge offers a respite after a long day of hunting.  A home away from home, the lodge here on the ranch can accommodate up to 10 individuals, with private rooms available for couples or families.  It is appointed with comfortable furnishings, satellite television, and even a luxurious billiards room for when you aren’t out on your trophy hunt.  Relax on the porch, have dinner in the outdoor pavilion, or simply nap between hunts, staying on property allows you to fully enjoy your time here at Antlered Acres Ranch.  Food packages are available from a grocery stocked kitchen to fully catered meals, please call to discuss your food and beverage package.

Please note that there is a $100 per person lodging fee per night.

Licenses and Permits

Find out which licenses and permits are required and purchase them here.