Wild Hog – 1 Day Hunt


Antlered Acres Ranch is home to a solid population of wild hogs, including trophy hogs over 150lbs.

Please note: GUIDES WORK FOR TIPS:  it is customary to tip a minimum of 10% of your hunt cost.

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Skin/Gut/Quartering fee: $35 per hog.




Though wild hogs are not native to North America they were introduced here as an early food source and quickly naturalized themselves in Florida. The wild hog has an incredibly thick armor-like skin that can be difficult to penetrate making both gun hunts and bow hunts challenging. Though rare, wild hogs have been known to reach weights exceeding 600 lbs! At Antlered Acres we sell both Trophy and Meat hunts for wild hogs. A wild boar weighing under 150lbs is considered a meat hog and over 150lbs is considered a trophy wild hog. We are also able to offer nighttime thermal wild boar hunts.