Wild Hog – Thermal / Night Hunt


Nighttime thermal hog hunts offer a unique experience, allowing individuals or small groups to hunt wild boars using thermal scopes.

Thermal Hunts include 1 night of lodging.

Please note: GUIDES WORK FOR TIPS:  it is customary to tip a minimum of 10% of your hunt cost.

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Skin/Gut/Quartering fee: $35 per hog.


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A favorite hunt here at Antlered Acres Ranch are our thermal hog hunts.  An incredibly unique experience, individuals or small groups can go out at night seeking the largely nocturnal wild boar.  The thermal scope allows the hunter to see the animal even in the darkest of night, often when some of the biggest boars are coming out to feed.  A fun hunt all on its own, it is often paired with other daytime hunts to truly round out your time here at Antlered Acres Ranch.


A pecky cypress clad lodge offers a respite after a long day of hunting.  A home away from home, the lodge here on the ranch can accommodate up to 10 individuals, with private rooms available for couples or families.  It is appointed with comfortable furnishings, satellite television, and even a luxurious billiards room for when you aren’t out on your trophy hunt.  Relax on the porch, have dinner in the outdoor pavillion, or simply nap between hunts, staying on property allows you to fully enjoy your time at here Anterled Acres Ranch.  Food packages are available from a grocery stocked kitchen to fully catered meals, please call to discuss your food and beverage package.

Please note that there is a $100 per person lodging fee per night.